Wuweido is a professional 3D CAD dedicated on mobile. More than just a viewer, dozens of 3D modeling tools are provided to create and modify 3D models in the most natural way. Wuweido allows you to import and export models in standard CAD formats. Wuweido can be used in various domains such as Art Design, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing, BIM, 3D Printing and 3D Geometry Modeling Education. Unlike Onshape™ on Cloud, Wuweido is running locally on your device and files persist on your local storage. 

Modeling Features:
1. Draft tools: Line, Poly Line, Arc, Spline, Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Regular Polygon. 
2. Primitive Solid creation tools: Box, Cone, Truncated Cone, Cylinder, Sphere, Torus, Wedge, Truncated Wedge, Pyramid, Truncated Pyramid. 
3. Advanced Sweep modeling tools: Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Pipe (One Profile along spine), Path (Multiple Profiles along spine). 
4. Boolean operation tools: Intersect, Subtract, Union, Xor, Fuse 
5. Transform tools: Move, Rotate, Mirror, Scale

Precise coordinates capture:
1. Snap to object vertex, edge, edge center, edge quadrant, face and face center.
2. Snap to dynamic or static Grid.
3. Input Absolute or Relative coordinates in Cartesian, Cylindrical or Spherical Coordinate Systems.

Standard visualization properties: 
Color, Material, Transparency, Line Width and Display Mode.

Application data management: 
1. Document undo/redo, open and save.
2. Geometry objects creation, deletion, copy, rename, and properties edition.
3. Layer creation, deletion, copy, rename and properties edition.

Data exchange features:
Import IGES, STEP and BREP format.
Export IGES, STEP, BREP, STL, and VRML format.

View Operators:
1. Pan, Zoom, and Orbit view with a tap or drag of your finger.
2. Predefined view to Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Front, Back and ISO.